Vanessa and Tony

“We felt comfortable and prepared to make the move and put an offer on a house… coming with all of that knowledge really equipped us to really know what was a good investment and what was worth going after” - Vanessa

When Vanessa and Tony set out to purchase their first house they searched all over St. Louis -- from Chesterfield to South City.  When you work with a Garcia agent you can trust that you’ll have access to the best home that will meet the needs of your family and that all of our resources and knowledge work for you.  
And when things get tough, our agents are here to help and work behind the scenes, so that you can enjoy the home buying experience.

Ashley & Josh + Family

What prompted your move, and why did you choose Garcia Properties?

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"Although we loved our previous mid-century modern ranch, we were looking for better layout that suited our needs as a growing family.  The most important thing was an open floor plan with a big kitchen. We love to cook as a family & entertain guests.  It just so happens that we always end up in the kitchen. We've always heard good things about Garcia & after working with them we know why we heard those amazing things.  Great agent, great company, great experience."


“Some of the hopes that we have for our home are already happening… I’m able to give my kids a better life than I had growing up.” — Heather

All families have different needs, which can range from house sizes to school districts, to big back back yards or intimate front porches.  When we set out to work with the Gasamas we were able to hear what they truly needed — a home that will have a lasting impact for their family years to come.

Working with Garcia Properties is part of a larger experience. Our team of agents and support staff is unmatched in St. Louis.  With over 20 years of experience in our community, we’re here for all of your real estate needs. Whether you’re a seasoned home buyer or first-timer, we’ll walk alongside you wherever life takes you.

Carol & David

Were there any unexpected challenges that came up?

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"There were several unexpected challenges when buying & selling.  Every time something came up, all I could say was, thank goodness we had Garcia Properties working for us. That sounds cheesy, but it's the truth!"

theresa & dominic

“The team at Garcia Properties works with your budget and your vision. It's more than a place where you buy a house — you need someone with the expertise, and that’s what they offer.”
— Theresa

When Theresa and Dominic saw an opportunity to start investing in real estate, they didn't want to invest in just any property, but in some of St. Louis’ oldest neighborhoods that have suffered from a lack of love and care. Both with careers in the medical field, they saw an opportunity to restore homes for nurses and doctors to live in while temporarily working in St. Louis.

Garcia Properties was founded on the idea of restoration and we’ve always been about bringing new life to every part of our city. Our team is ready to guide you through the home buying, selling, or investing process.


Any words of wisdom you can impart to anyone else looking to buy a home?

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"Trust your Realtor. During the process I did not realize there were so many things that needed to happen when buying a home. My Realtor was so great at outlining the steps in the process, explaining what the responsibilities of myself & the seller & keeping me up to date with everything taking place. I didn't have many questions during the process because the majority of them had already been answered & I really felt as though my best interest was kept in mind when going through the process."


“I felt like I was amongst friends… there was trust and communication, I felt like I had known them my entire life.”
— Marie

When Marie walked into our office, she wasn't ready to buy a house. She needed time to rebuild. Sometimes the right decision is to buy or sell and sometimes the right decision is to stay. We pride ourselves on the trust that our agents have in our community and their commitment to helping you make whatever decision is right for your family.

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"Our homes tell a story. Garcia Properties helps create those stories"

Jenifer Garcia

"Sometimes the ideal home is the one that you're already in.  We're here to help you no matter what decision you make."

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